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  • QRI provides consistent, effective, and comprehensive trainings to give employees the up-to-date skills required by your organization related to quality control and quality assurance.
  • Your training program's quality is crucial. It makes it possible for you to stay on top with latest industry standards & rapidly evolving technological requirements. You may transform your people and business with the help of QRI Trainings, which gives you the skills and information you need.
  • QRI, being the pioneer organization in the field of accreditation in Pakistan, will employee its competence and experience to develop and offer tailor made training program satisfying the need and requirements of valued customers. The training program shall cover the general as well technical aspects and shall include but not limited; method verification and validation, measurement uncertainty in different fields (testing and calibration), internal and external quality control, Calibration and Metrological Traceability.
  • We at QRI, also have Hands-on training programs for microbial, physical and chemical analysis using modern equipment such as HPLC, UHPLC, GC coupled with different detectors, AAS (graphite furnace, flame, hydride generation), Spectrophotometers, Dissolution and disintegration testing of tablets, microbiological testing etc.

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